Our bees are instrumental to the health and vitality of the fields, vegetable gardens, and woodlands on the farm.   We presently have four hives and continue to expand. In the summer, when the breeze is right, the smell of honey fills the garden.  Sometimes we just sit by the hives and watch the bees coming and going.  It is mesmerizing, hypnotic and relaxing.  Bees are amazing. 

Every year is a new learning curve with the bees and every season brings various rewards and challenges.  The bees are always fun to work with, although I often wonder how much we just get in their way!  Some years we will get over 10 gallons of honey, other years, significantly less, but no matter what the amount, the result is always a product we are proud of.

So please check the availability in the store and try some of our raw, pure farm honey!