What better way to celebrate and give thanks than with a fresh, locally grown turkey!  Our turkeys are happily exploring in the field during the day and are tucked up into their hut of a night.  They eat a locally milled mix of grains, herbs, and minerals; No fillers, added hormones or antibiotics. 

We raise 100 turkeys each year and every year we sell out.  So if you would like a fresh turkey for your Thanksgiving table, place your order early.  The turkeys weigh between 15-25 lbs and are $4 per pound.  You can hold your turkey with a $25 deposit.  Turkey pick up date is the Sunday before Thanksgiving. We have pies, baked goods, and farm and field produce available for sale.  This is also one of our farm family appreciation days, where we provide food, drinks, and a warm fire to gather around.   We hope to see you there!

The big turkey in the picture there is our Livestock Guardian Dog, Freyja.   She is a Great Pyrenees, bred to take care of poultry on the field.   She protects the flock from the coyotes, owls, and other forest dwellers who are out looking for a snack.

Turkey Deposit