A Delicious Revolution

You are an important part of the food revolution! Is revolution a strong word? A little dramatic perhaps? I don’t think so. You are transforming the conventional food system in the way you live, shop, and most importantly in the way you eat. Instead of feeding your families produce grown in chemicals under plastic and then flown in from the southern hemisphere, you choose to put together a fresh salad grown in soil less than 20 miles from your home. You are supporting local farms that raise animals in the field, where the cattle, pigs, and poultry eat the plants from your own environment and pass on the vitamins, minerals, and nutrition you need here in the Northeast.

So, by deciding to cut out the big companies who sacrifice your family’s health for their profit, you are revolutionizing the food system by insisting there are other, better choices. By supporting local farms you are saying that you want better tasting, fresher food that is nutritionally better for you. A revolution fought in the kitchen, one meal at a time. Who knew change could be so delicious?

Happenings on the farm:

We have been enjoying watching the pigs explore their new field. The field has pretty rough terrain and is very overgrown and wet in the low lying areas. Perfect for a sounder of swine! As well as finding plenty to eat and having all that mud to wallow in, the pigs will be clearing the field for the future home of the laying hens. It should take them about 2 years on pig time, working around their extensive napping schedule.

Mr. M.J. Humphries is 6 weeks old and growing like a weed. He is a Hereford / Jersey cross and is still being fed by his mother, Mouse. Mouse is presently being milked just once a day and is giving a generous 2 gallons of milk each morning. The herd share members are enjoying the creamy un-processed milk in coffee and on cereal and from what we hear, as thick Greek-style yogurt and ice-cream! M.J. will stay with mom until he is about 4 months old, then he will move up with the teenagers as he will be too big to nurse and will need to be weaned. Mom will be extremely glad for the break.