WAIT, IS THAT SPRING?!?! (Seriously, is it?)

It is! It is finally Spring! We have everything to celebrate! The purple crocus, paper-white snowdrops and buttery daffodils pushing through the leaves on warm, sunny slopes, the peepers singing through the beautiful moonlit nights and the joy and anticipation of long temperate days and bonfire nights. Wherever you are (Including our friends and family in Australia who are going into Autumn), I hope you are able to get outside and breathe in the beauty this weekend.


The first batch of turkey chicks for 2021 came in and they could not be cuter! There are 54 of the little fluff balls and they are all snug and warm in the brooder. The temperature in the brooder must be kept at 95 degrees for the first 10 days and then reduced by 5 degrees every other day until replicating the outside temperatures. The chicks have fresh pine shavings to cozy up in and they love to snuggle with each other…sigh…soooo cute!!! They do imprint a little and when I go in and talk to them, they answer with these little, high-pitched, bell-like calls, which is how they tell momma turkey where they are and that they are ok. Again…sigh… so sweet!!


Easter is around the corner and we still have two hams left (both bone-in 10 pounders), plenty of ham steaks and kielbasa. We have nearly every cut of beef, try-them-to-believe-them pork chops, sausage (sweet, hot, breakfast, chipotle, basil), whole and half roaster chickens, eggs, bacon and so much more! The store is open at the farm every Saturday and Sunday between 9am and 3pm. We will, however, be closed Easter Sunday, 3/4.

We are often asked if all the meat comes from our farm, and the answer is YES! We raise beef cows (angus and angus cross) on our fields, pigs in the wooded and wet areas (yes, pigs LOVE mud), roaster chickens on the field directly across the road from us, turkeys in a back field and laying hens everywhere…Seriously, those chickens are everywhere. You can see in the picture below who their favorite cow is! Trixie is by far the messiest eater and you can always tell where she is by her chicken groupies.

We also have our own beehives, cared for and loved by the bee whisperer Jacob (our brother-in-law). The maple syrup is from our friend Ron who taps trees in Willington, the exquisite cutting boards, pottery, and handmade cards are crafted by friends and family and the soap is made at the farm by yours truly. I will feature these beautiful items in upcoming emails.