Welcome to our farm family.

Bruce and I have been completely overwhelmed by your support!

Our farm is our passion and it has been a joy to share it with you.

We had planned to have an Open House and Farm Appreciation Day in May but due to the current climate, this will sadly have to be postponed. Hopefully, in June we can show you around the farm. Mon Soleil Market Garden will also be giving tours and talks on the beautiful array of vegetables and fruits they grow.

New arrivals on the farm this past month include 115 laying hen chicks, (a mix of New Hampshire Reds, Barred Rocks, and Olive Eggers), 140 roaster chickens (Cornish Cross chicks), 35 Turkey chicks, and 20 piglets. May will bring 24 more pigs and 200 roaster chickens.

We are also expecting a calf from one of our Jerseys (a milking breed) any day now. Mouse (affectionately known right now as Mouse the House) was our first calf on the farm several years ago. This will be her first calf and we are extremely excited! We have four Jerseys who we milk, mixed in with the Angus cattle (a beef breed). We will soon be exploring the idea of herd shares for raw milk; Let us know if this interests you.


While we still have pork chops, ribs, ham steaks, and shoulder roasts from our own pasture-raised pigs, we will not have any chicken or beef until June. We raise all the animals on the farm in an environment that is best for them and nutritionally, best for you, so we cannot rush the process! We will continue to have:

· Organic, seasonal vegetables from Mon Soleil at Taylor Spring Farm

· Teriyaki Beef Jerky

· Brown sugar, Applewood smoked bacon

· Honey

· Local Maple Syrup

· Baked Goods

· Milk from Woodstock Dairy

· Fresh baked bread

· Handmade soap