There can be no comparison between confinement-raised (poor piggies), store-bought pork and our fresh, local pasture-raised pork.  The bacon, sausage, roasts, ribs, and chops speak for themselves.  

Our pigs are raised in a wooded playground.  They are rotated through areas of pasture grasses, tangled trees, small streams; All their favorite things!  Pigs love to root for bugs, tender shoots and leaves, acorns and anything else that is, well, piggy delicious.  They spend their days sunbathing, mud wallowing, chasing each other and napping.  It’s a good life. 

The pigs are supplemented with a locally milled whole grain mix that contains minerals and herbs.  The mash (which could be mistaken for a breakfast grain mix) does not have any antibiotics, fillers or hormones.  Our pigs also enjoy any leftover fruit and vegetables from our on-site CSA and other local farms, surplus eggs from our own layers and milk from our dairy cows.

We sell a limited amount of pork each year as half shares and whole shares.  Each order is custom butchered with your choice of a local, wrap it yourself service or USDA processing where the portions will be shrink-wrapped, labeled and flash frozen.  We will also be featuring custom cuts as part of our meat CSA boxes.  Retail cuts will also be available at our on-site farm store.

If you are interested in purchasing a half or a whole pig, please contact us for availability.  We have several options and recommendations for processing bacon, ham and sausage.